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Paul Ford made a big splash this week with an article in Bloomberg Business called What is Code. As I learned about The Man in the Taupe Blazer I was astonished at how accurately he had hit the nail on the head. I was also amazed that nobody had ever written so succinctly about this aspect of business that is considered the backbone of technology and everything innovative that seems to be keeping our economy afloat. Call it the digital elephant in the room.


Defining the personality of a website is a bit like telling a number of people the time and date: it is always going to change depending upon which person you are telling. In addition, the perception of a website has always been difficult because the web is primarily a customer service medium, which Paul Ford outlined several years ago in his perceptive and enlightening article. I try to console clients when their new website is launched due to the initial angry wave of criticism: How dare you, I hate it, it’s ugly. Eventually things come around.


HP recently released the Sprout all-in-one computer which is an odd combination of screen, camera and tablet. The display is touch enabled and uses the Windows 8 operating system with no mouse or keyboard. There are only about 25 apps that it can use, but the Sprout is just the first in a line of products from an HP strategy they have called the “blended reality space”.